Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, it's almost here. We leave February 4th on British Airways, landing in Accra. After a day to recover, we'll be going to Kumasi, then Cape Coast. After a month in Ghana, we leave for London on the 4th of March. It will be a busy month with lots to learn about and do. We've put ourselves in the hands of our friend Joseph whose message was to trust in the Lord saying, "All will be well." That is a deceptively difficult lesson to learn.

The title of the first 2 months of our trip is The Triangle of Hope. It is a play on the "Triangle of Despair," a term used to describe the trade routes between west Africa, the Americas, and England. Cargo ships carried humans sold into slavery, sugar, tobacco, cotton, and manufactured goods, trading between port cities such as Cape Coast, in west Africa, Richmond, Virginia, in the US and Liverpool, England. We will be traveling in a different century and in a different world along the same route seeking to learn and understand about those worlds - the old and the new. Along the way we hope to forge friendships both for ourselves, but also for the Diocese of Virginia and St. Peters.

The people of St. Peters gave us a wonderful send - off with food from each country we'll be visiting. A travel kit that should be the envy of the world and many wonderful gifts came from parishioners. Craig and I are deeply grateful for all the support and friendship at St. Peter's and we hope to represent you well and learn much to tell you when we return. Along the way, I'll use this blog to post news and pictures and ruminate a bit.

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